Pirate Lures


Pirate Lures Teaser

These soft plastic lures cast well and have an incredible swimming action. They can be fished slowly over rocky and weedy ground or with a faster retrieval over a reef or sandy sea bed.

4 Lures per pack.


Best used with a weighted or unweighted weedless hook and a real go to lure in many situations including murky dirty water where bright colours are needed and also brings success when used at night.

Pirate Lures Teaser

Length 15cm

Weight 15gm

  • Subtle but tough paddle tail lure
  • Great action
  • Can be worked slow or fast
  • Weed-less rigging
  • Built in hook slot
  • Can be fished weighted or weightless
  • Use a jig head or Cheburashka rig for deep water
  • Effective day or night

4 Lures per pack



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